Our Impact

Testimonials- EconFest 2018

“Thank you for not only recognizing the importance of the economic and personal finance understanding we all need to succeed, but realizing that when you equip and empower just one teacher like me, you're helping literally hundreds of students over a number of years of their lives.”

-Hannah Swaden, Glen Lake Elementary, 2018 Thrivent Personal Finance Educator Award recipient


“...your efforts and your donations and your work towards helping us in the trenches, so to speak, is paying real dividends.”

“I graduated in 2000 from my undergraduate program. I was going to be a history teacher. I had no intention of teaching economics, I had one class as an undergraduate in econ and the teacher that taught economics in Melrose took a leave of absence and nobody in the department really wanted to do it. So I said, okay, I’ll do it. And MCEE and a lot of the people here have really helped me to become a better teacher and a better person. I think I have probably more pedagogy and more methods instruction in my time with MCEE workshops than I did in any of my undergraduate coursework, and that’s not a knock on where I went to college. It’s just a reflection of MCEE’s work and effort.”

 -Adam Rushmeyer, Melrose Area High, 2018 3M Economic Educator of the Year


“...financial and economic literacy is so important right now and the time that [MCEE is] taking to make sure that that goal gets pushed further into schools is huge.”

-Steve Jents, St Paul Central High, 2018 3M Rising Star in Economics Award recipient

“And if we're successful, we can make their futures brighter, happier, and healthier. So I think the reason that we're so passionate is because the consequences of what we do are far too important to be done alone. And for that, I'm thankful and grateful for everything that you guys do.”

-Jeremy Miller, Cambridge-Isanti High, 2018 3M Innovative Economic Educator Award recipient