Our Impact

MCEE Makes a Difference

MCEE has been engaging students, teachers, and communities across Minnesota since 1961. In that time, we have impacted nearly 3 million students and over 5,000 teachers.

Our impact is made in the students graduating from school with increased knowledge of personal finance and economics, in teachers more confident in their ability to deliver state standards, and in communities empowered to tackle their financial futures.

Below are just some of the things our participants have to say about MCEE.

"I was going to be a history teacher. I had no intention of teaching economics... MCEE has really helped me to become a better teacher"

-Adam Rushmeyer, Melrose Area High School Teacher | 2018 3M Economic Educator of the Year

"The summer workshops available through MCEE [were] a lifesaver - MCEE provided the content training that I needed to be effective in the classroom."

- Scott Wolla, former Hibbing High School Teacher | Sr. Economic Education Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

"Acquiring economic knowledge... is a responsibility to become an informed citizen and an opportunity to achieve personal satisfaction and success. MCEE is a powerful force helping to ensure that future generations have that chance."

-Peter Mitchelson, retired Business Executive | MCEE Board Member

"I was a very busy high schooler... looking back, I can say that Econ Challenge was one of the most influential and fun experiences that I had"

-Chris C., former Mounds View High School Student

"When you equip and empower just one teacher like me, you're helping literally hundreds of students over a number of years of their lives."

-Hannah Swaden, Glen Lake Elementary School Teacher | 2018 Thriven Personal Finance Educator Award recipient