MCEE History


In 1961, a group of visionary leaders in business, labor, and academia came together to discuss the need to promote economics education in Minnesota schools. Recognizing teachers’ year-after-year impact on students, the group established MCEE to advance professional development programs in economics for K-12 teachers. MCEE has been hosted the Department of Applied Economics in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities since 1992. MCEE is currently led by Executive Director, Dr. Julie Bunn.

Since 1961, MCEE has trained over 32,000 teachers, impacting the learning of over 2.8 million young people. Since 2005, MCEE has also worked with over 115 community organizations, providing personal finance education to over 2,800 low-income Minnesotans.

MCEE has developed a network of Centers for Economic Education across the state. The Centers, along with the Council, provide professional development opportunities for teachers, in addition to disseminating economic and personal finance curriculum and promoting a variety of academic contests for high school economics students. The center directors are in-kind contributions by their universities as a partnership pledge with MCEE to bring improved economic understanding to Minnesota educators and their students.