Check out our 2014 Summer Program Calendar

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Over the cold weather? Us too.

Luckily, we’ve got some great summer events to look forward too, and we’re excited to announce our 2014 Summer Calendar! This summer’s highlights include:

  • Entrepreneurship Economics (July 14-18):  Entrepreneurship EconomicsNew in 2014, this week-long course provides teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to teach entrepreneurship in the classroom. Participants receive Entrepreneurship Economics, a publication containing 11 lessons in teaching entrepreneurship. Whether you’re actively planning a stand-alone course at your school on the topic or simply interested in learning more, this course will give you plenty of interesting and engaging material to feel comfortable teaching entrepreneurship to your students!
  • Global Food Summit (August 4): This day-long workshop focuses on concepts in food trade, food security, and food safety. The morning include sessions led by professors and guest speakers from the business community, and in the afternoon, participants will visit Minnesota food transport gateways. We’ll also have plenty of time for you to network with your fellow teachers! The workshop takes place just before our yearly conference, and we have a number of scholarships and registration deals available for those who’d like to attend both.
  • Online: High School Microeconomics (June – August): Not everyone can attend MCEE’s in-person courses due to time, distance, or money. This year, we are making our high school microeconomics material more accessible to those teachers through our first online course! This course consists of five self-paced modules focused on content and five interactive “teaching forums” focused on pedagogy. The course is equivalent to the content covered in an introductory microeconomics course and includes many opportunities for you to connect with your fellow participants online.

We’ll also be holding summer favorites like Personal Finance Camp and our two graduate courses - Preparing to Teach High School Economics and Economics for the Elementary Classroom  (formerly Using Children’s Literature to Teach Economics & Personal Finance).

For more details on this year’s schedule, check out our website. Courses range in cost from $30-80 and most courses include a participation stipend beyond the registration fee. We also have a variety of scholarships available.

We hope to see you this summer!