Help Minnesota’s New and Student Teachers!

Professional development opportunities like those MCEE provides play a huge role in retaining promising young educators. We are all aware of the debt load that many new teachers face today as they begin teaching, however.  The prospect of repaying student loans often places professional development far down the priority list.
That’s what makes our latest opportunity so exciting! Thanks to one of MCEE’s very generous friends, we have a new initiative to help serve pre-service and new teachers (with less than 2 years experience in the classroom).  MCEE has received $4,000 to be used to match donations given to us by teachers specifically to support the professional development of those who are just entering the teaching field.  A past teaching award winner has already contributed $800, and we are well on the way to meeting our goal.
The matching funds combined with teacher donations, large or small, could make all the difference in someone’s early career.  If you’re a teacher, here’s how you can help: All you have to do is make a donation to MCEE, and we will combine your donation with the matched pool of donations. We will then pass your generosity along to student and new teachers through a special registration rate.  The more donations received towards the match goal, the more young educators we will be able to help.
Not a teacher? Do you know a student teacher or new teacher who might like to take a MCEE course or attend our annual Teaching Conference?  Share with them our Summer 2014 Professional Development Opportunities for Teaching Economics and Personal Finance.  Along with skills in economics and personal finance, they will also gain great lessons and teaching materials to use in their classroom and professional development hours/CEUs or even two free U of MN graduate credits. And, don’t forget to mention the many generous individuals that are making professional development affordable for them!
Please make your donation now, either online or by sending a check directly to MCEE.