Frequently Asked Questions

What do Master Teachers do?

Master Teachers assist MCEE with planning, preparing, and delivering teacher professional development and student programs across the state. Key responsibilities include:

    • Attending Master Teacher trainings
    • (Co-) Teaching workshops during the summer or school-year
    • Participating in the MCEE Annual Conference and EconFest
    • Actively supporting and recruiting participants for MCEE programs

Are Master Teachers employees of MCEE?

No, Master Teachers are not staff of the Minnesota Council on Economic Education.

Master Teachers are experienced teachers currently working in K-12 schools in Minnesota who are trained and contracted by MCEE to provide support to teacher professional development workshops and other programs.

How can I have a Master Teacher come to my professional development day?

If you're interested in having a Master Teacher lead a workshop at your school or district, please contact and we will work with you to arrange a Master Teacher or another MCEE speaker to present at your event.

How do you become a Master Teacher?

In general, Master Teachers must:

    1. Have completed at least two MCEE core courses;
    2. Have at least five years of classroom teaching experience in economics or personal finance in a K-12 setting, and;
    3. Have participated in at least five MCEE programs in as many years, with programs including conferences, student programs, curriculum projects, and workshops.

For more information about becoming a Master Teacher, visit the Application page.

What are the benefits of becoming a Master Teacher?

There are numerous personal and professional benefits to serving as a Master Teacher.

    • Recognition: As leaders and key supporters of MCEE programs, Master Teachers are recognized as presenters at major MCEE functions, have their work and biographies highlighted in annual publications, and are able to feature this prestigious service on their curricula vitae.
    • Professional Development: Master Teachers receive specialized ongoing support and access to exclusive professional development training and retreats to help guide and inform their work as teachers and as trainers.
    • Compensation: Master Teachers are financially compensated for teaching MCEE workshops and collaborating on curriculum projects with MCEE staff or affiliates.
    • Giving Back: Master Teachers are able to support up-and-coming generations of teachers and give back to the field that they love by teaching MCEE teacher workshops and supporting student programs.