EconFest, New Fall Workshops, and More MCEE News!

MCEE's May 2014 eNewsletter features updates on summer programs and teaching awards, as well as the May Resource of the Month and an update on the National Economics Challenge.
MCEE's April 2014 eNewsletter focuses on Financial Capability Month, and resources and activities related to it.
MCEE's March 2014 eNewsletter focuses on student competitions, financial capability month events, and our summer Personal Finance Camp.
MCEE's February 2014 eNewsletter features a request for Summer Conference proposals, new MCEE courses, and the Resource of the Month, the Economic Lowdown Podcast.
MCEE's January 2014 eNewsletter announces our summer program calendar and share valuable student competition resources.
Jana Peterson, Pine Journal - November 25, 2013