2015 Summer Institute Participants

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Student Competitions

MCEE offers four different competitions for high school students throughout the school year. 

In the Economics Challenge, teams of students compete in a series of challenging tests of their economic understanding and reasoning abilities. Teams compete at the regional (in-person or online) and state level in the spring with a chance to attend the national competition in New York City.

In the Personal Finance Decathlon, teams of students egage their content knowledge and critical and creative thinking skills. Twelve teams will be invited to the state competition based on online test scores. At the state competition, teams receive a case study and prepare a presentation of financial recommendations to a panel of judges.

The Global Food Challenge is tied to MCEE's free Global Food curricula, exploring basic economics in the context of world food issues, including food markets, trade, security, and safety. Each unit includes active student activities, research, analysis, and a written project, and is aligned with Minnesota Academic Standards. The final project in each unit can be entered into a state competition for cash awards.

The Entreprenuership Trade Show, tied to MCEE's entrepreneurial education curriculum, provides students with an opportunity to share their prototypes and business-ready ideas with judges from the local business community, learning abuot communication, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills along the way. Teachers must particiapte in the summer workshop through MCEE and administer curriculum throughout the school year to participate in the Trade Show.

Student Programs

Each summer, MCEE hosts the College Dollars & Sense program on the University of Minnesota campus. What happens at College Dollars & Sense? Learn more about exploring your future career, paying for college, debt, savings, and credit. Explore the University of Minnesota and visit a local company. Hear from guest speakers in a variety of fields. Breakfast, lunch, and bus passes and provided each day. Receive a certificate of completion from the University of Minnesota at the completion of the program.