Why Participate?

Preparing for College? Looking to add something to your college resume that shows you're serious about your future? 

Attend College Dollars & Sense at the University of Minnesota! This one-week camp is geared towards high school students who are members of a group traditionally underrepresented in higher education and want to know more about everyday personal finance management and how to apply this knowledge to attending college. 

We’re looking for students who are excited about their future and who are ready to plan for it!

Do you know how much you spend each week on food and entertainment?

College Dollars & Sense will give you the skills to think about how you spend your money and how to budget. 

How much money do you want in the future?

College Dollars & Sense will help you understand the power of saving and how the decisions you make today can lead to a bright future.

How much debt should you take on when attending college? 

College Dollars & Sense will help you develop skills to analyze questions like this. 

What does the Institute look like?

Mornings are spent in a college classroom with two energetic instructors, where you will meet as a class and work in small groups to learn about saving, budgeting, credit, and debt.

Participants will explore the University of Minnesota and visit a local company. Guest speakers will visit, and you will meet with professionals in a variety of fields to gain valuable leadership skills in networking and career readiness.

College Dollars & Sense is free, and participants receive breakfast and lunch each day. $25 metro transit passes for the week are provided for students using public transportation. Participants arrive each day at the University of Minnesota by 9:00 a.m. and leave by 3:30 p.m. There is no overnight housing on campus.

Like all of MCEE's programs, College Dollars & Sense is dependent on funding.

Ready to apply?

Apply online through Google Form or download a print application.

Questions? Contact us at mcee@umn.edu.