Personal Finance Decathlon

2017 Winning Team from St. Thomas Academy

Photos from the 2017 Personal Finance Decathlon are on our Facebook page!

What is the Personal Finance Decathlon?

The Personal Finance Decathlon is an exciting competition for high school students that engages students' content knowledge and critical and creative thinking skills and creates a fun incentive for students to take ownership of their education, their choices, and their futures.

In the Decathlon, teams of students compete online to demonstrate their knowledge of personal finance by taking an online test covering questions in 10 areas of personal finance. Twelve teams from twelve different schools will be invited to the state competition based on online test scores. At the state competition, teams will compete in a case study analysis round and an exciting Quiz Bowl round. Teams will receive a case study of a fictional family's financial situation and will have 90 minutes to prepare a presentation of recommendations as if they were the family's financial advisor. Teams will present to a panel of judges and the top four teams will compete in a Quiz Bowl to choose the state champion. The state champion goes on to represent Minnesota at the National Personal Finance Challenge in Kansas City.

All high school students are eligible. Teachers may enter multiple teams. There is no registration cost to teachers or students to participate in the Decathlon. 

Check out America Public Media's Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell talk about the 2016 Personal Finance Decathlon on his show! Fast forward to 3:28 to hear the segment.

Never competed before? Request a starter kit to get everything you need to know to form a team in one easy package! Email Andrea Hanson at to request a kit.


Registration for the competition will open in the winter of 2018. Once registered, create teams of 3 to 4 students. 12 teams will be invited to the state competition on in the spring of 2018 and the state winner will travel to nationals in Kansas City, MO (with up to $2,000 in travel expenses covered). 


Thank you to our 2017 Personal Finance Decathlon sponsors Affinity Plus Foundation and COUNTRY Financial!


And also to our host, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis