Conference on Teaching Economics and Personal Finance

Save the Date! This year's conference is July 31-August 1. 

NEW DATE: Saturday, August 4 

The only statewide conference for secondary and elementary teachers with a focus on teaching economics and personal finance, MCEE's annual conference is two days of sharing, learning, and networking during the summer. Enhance your content knowledge and walk away with new resources, lessons, and ideas for bringing economics to life in your classroom!

The 2018 Annual Conference on Teaching Economics & Personal Finance will be August 4 at the Continuing Education & Conference Center in St. Paul.  Registration will open in April. More details coming soon!

High School Educators:

This year's conference is pretty special - we'll be introducing our newest curriculum How to Be Green While Staying in the Black: Teaching Sustainability through an Economics Lens! This brand new curriculum aims to equip high school students with a basic understanding of sustainability issues in energy, water, waste, and agriculture and food, and challenge them to use their entrepreneurial talents to solve social, cultural, and economic problems. Topics include modern farming, clean water, economic growth and green GDP, climate change, and international environmental treaties. Stay tuned for more information!

Elementary Educators:

Elementary educators will be introduced to our newest curriculum: Economics is Everywhere: Integrating Economics into Social Studies! This interdisciplinary curriculum embeds economics into the lead disciplines for 4, 5, 7, and 8, allowing teachers to cover MN social studies standards in several topics at the same time.

For grades K-5, this year's conference will also include presentations on the Compact Concept Connectors from Economics Arkansas.


Thank you to our conference sponsor, Land O'Lakes.