K-8 Lessons & Resources




  • Council for Econ Ed:  Peruse a collection of K-12 resources for educators and students.
  • Econ Ed at the St. Louis Fed:  Find hundreds of resources that can be used to teach economics and personal finance to K-12 and college students.  All of the resources are free, including an online learning management system stocked with over 400 resources for teachers to use in an online or blended classroom setting to teach economics and personal finance.
  • EconEd Link:  Search by grade between hundreds of free lesson plans, videos, and more. To access all resources on EconEd Link, please register for a free online account here.
  • Edu Printables:  Thousands of free printables, games, and quizzes for pre-k and elementary students. 
  • Jump$tart! Clearinghouse:  Access to an online library of financial education resources for teachers, parents, and caregivers.
  • Lemonade Stand:   K-12 entrepreneurship platform designed to teach 10-16 year old students the fundamentals of entrepreneurial thinking and doing.
  • PBS Learning Media - Economics:  Investigate how the supply and demand for goods and resources are globally intertwined with videos, lesson plans, and interactive games in Economics. Preview a lesson on personal finance using a video on "Digging Out of Debt," practice running a start-up business with an interactive game, or initiate a classroom debate over the use of vouchers for private schools using a pre-developed lesson plan. The Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed), entrepreneurship, and mercantilism are also explored in Economics.
  • Population Education:  Creates classroom activities for K-12 students that focus on human population change and related issues including environmental sustainability.
  • Scholastic:  Scholastic has created a learning hub that provides 20 days of learning experiences for students in grades PreK-9+ across the content areas. Scholastic is also providing free access to other digital learning programs.
  • Teachers-Pay-Teachers:  Use this link to access free economics worksheets.
  • Wide Open School: Wide Open School is a free collection of online learning experiences for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense.