Master Teachers

**Revision Coming Fall 2019**

The mission of the Master Teacher program is to: (i) recognize and celebrate teaching excellence in economics and personal finance at the K-12 levels, (ii) foster talented K-12 educators to become master teachers in economics and personal finance, mentored by peer master teachers and affiliated center directors and university faculty, and (iii) build and maintain a cohort of master teachers who serve as resources to actively collaborate with MCEE’s affiliated center directors and university faculty members in the development and delivery of MCEE’s K-12 professional development programs in economics and personal finance. 

Eligibility and Selection

To be considered for the Master Teacher program, a teacher must:

  • Have completed at least two MCEE core courses.
  • Have had at least five years of experience in teaching economics and/or personal finance at the elementary or secondary level.
  • Have participated in at least five MCEE programs during the past five academic years, including courses, workshops, curriculum projects, annual conferences, EconFest and student competitions.

Teachers who do not meet the criteria outlined in items 2 and 3, but have significant professional development and experience in economics and/or personal finance elsewhere are also considered.

Master Teachers are selected based on the following materials submitted to the MCEE:

  • A personal statement describing the teacher’s philosophy on education and professional growth/accomplishments.
  • A curriculum vitae covering taught courses, professional development activities, educational leadership activities, etc.
  • Three to four supporting letters, including one from a student and one from the teacher’s principal.
  • A video of the applicant teaching a lesson in economics or personal finance.

The Selection Committee, which evaluates all applications, consists of the following members: (i) Executive Director and Education Coordinator of MCEE, (ii) the Chair of MCEE Education Committee, (iii) one MCEE Education Committee member, (iv) one current Master Teacher, and (v) one director of affiliated centers.


Recognition: Master Teachers are recognized at each annual Conference on Teaching Economics and Personal Finance, serving as workshop presenters. Their short bios and photos are prominently displayed on MCEE’s Master Teacher webpage, and other promotional material as appropriate. Recognition letters can be sent to school administrators upon request. Teachers can document their Master Teacher status on their curriculum vitae. 

Professional Development Opportunities: Annual or biannual retreat is hosted by MCEE to provide sustained professional development for Master Teachers.

Compensation: Master Teachers actively teach, co-teach, and/or collaborate with MCEE’s affiliated center directors and university faculty in the development and delivery of MCEE’s K-12 professional development programs. MCEE compensates Master Teachers for this work. 


All Master Teachers must maintain standing, and it is expected that each selected educator engages regularly in the service and professional development activities listed below:

  • Attend summer Master Teacher Retreats, offered either annually or biannually. 
  • Co-teach or teach at least one MCEE workshop or summer course annually, if presented with the opportunity.
  • Present and participate in MCEE’s Annual Conference on Teaching Economics and Personal Finance in August.
  • Attend and participate in MCEE’s EconFest, an evening event celebrating teaching excellence, held annually in early November.