Past Winners

2018 Winner: Adam Rushmeyer - Melrose Area High School

MCEE is proud to present Adam Rushmeyer with the 2018 Economic Educator of the Year Award. 

Adam lives in Albany and teaches 12th grade American Government and Economics at Melrose High School. Adam took advantage of MCEE professional development opportunities to prepare to teach economics and has now been doing so for 15 years.  Adam enjoys the teaching of economics because, as he states, “of all the social studies classes I teach, economics seems to offer the most opportunities for critical thinking and real world application.” In addition to entering projects into MCEE’s Global Food Challenge contest, his students also participate in the annual Economics Challenge competition at St Cloud State University.

MCEE congratulates Adam on his achievements in economic education and celebrates the talented teaching he brings to his students.

2017 Winner

Jamie Shaw* - Champlin Park High School

2016 Winner

Kellie Friend* - Turtle Lake Elementary, Mounds View Public Schools

2015 Winner

Alan Amdahl* - Albany Senior High

2014 Winner

Emily Anderson* - Blaine High School

2013 Winner

Tim Prosen* - Cloquet High School

2012 Winner

Martha Rush* - Mounds View High School

2011 Winner

James Redelsheimer* - Robbinsdale Armstrong High School

2010 Winner

Tom Stockard* - Little Falls Community High School

2009 Winner

William T. (Billy) James* - Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial High School

2008 Winner

Ethan Cherin* - St. Paul Central High School

2007 Winner

Nancy Krenner* - Red Rock Elementary School, South Washington County

2006 Winner

Scott Wolla* - Hibbing High School

2005 Winner

David Stark* - Brainerd High School

2004 Winner

Gail Colbert* - Tartan High School

2003 Winner

Loren Dunham* - Fairmont High School

2002 Winner

Patricia A. Sheehan* - Maple Grove High School

2001 Winner

Susan J. Berg* - North High School, North St. Paul

2000 Winner

Michael J. Roe* - White Bear Lake High School

1999 Winner

Dan Marsh* - Edina High School

* Recipient of 3M Economic Educator of the Year Award