Student Competition Workshop

January 14, 2020

Economics Challenge & Personal Finance Decathlon Teacher Training

Grades 9-12 | Economics Challenge: 5:30- 7pm & Personal Finance Decathlon: 7-8:30pm | University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus | Ruttan Hall Room 119

"Even though it's difficult, you should still do it. You will only become a better teacher." -Previous Participating Educator 

MCEE student programs, including the Economics Challenge and the Personal FInance Decathlon afford students with an opportunity to explore concepts in economics and personal finance that interest them and provides a space for students to apply their classroom learning to real-world problems. These competitions are oft-cited as engaging experiences for students and have encouraged many to pursue further studies in these fields as a result of their early exposure through participating teachers and classrooms.

In this one-day course, offered both in-person in St. Paul and as an online webinar, teachers will have the chance to learn about how these competitions support classroom content and academic standards, as well as gain practical knowledge of how to support student participation in each of these exciting programs. Split into two 90 minute sessions on Economics Challenge and Personal Finance Decathlon respectively, attendees can ask questions, network with other interested teachers, and learn more about how encouraging student participation in these programs can lead to more engaged learners, greater student fulfillment, and support differentiated learning outcomes for students of all abilities.

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  • MCEE Master Teacher Martha Rush, Mounds View High School, M.S.Ed, Education Entrepreneurship


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What's Included:

  • Receive free lessons, resources, and study materials to enable student success
  • Pizza Dinner (7 pm)


There are a variety of options for parking on campus, with the most convenient for our courses in Ruttan Hall listed below (please note that prices are subject to change, with more information on the University's PTS website).

Daily Parking:

  • Lot S101 at Cleveland Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. is $5/day, and is approximately a 1/2 mile walk from Ruttan Hall
  • The Gortner Ave. Ramp is $12/day, and is closest to Ruttan Hall

Hourly Parking:

  • The Gortner Ave. Ramp can be used for hourly parking, with rates starting at $3 for one hour. More information on these hourly rates can be found on the PTS website.
  • There are parking meters along Eckles Ave. between Buford Ave. and Carter Ave. These cost $2/hour.

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