School Districts

Empowering educators through deeper content knowledge and practice

MCEE tailors professional development to the needs of individual districts and conducts training at districts or via webinars. MCEE also offers year-round professional development opportunities at our building on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota, and at MCEE-affiliated centers for economic education around the state. We are able to train before and/or after school, during your District PD days, and during the summer.

Who Delivers Training:

  • MCEE Master Teachers (Meet Our Master Teachers)

  • MCEE-affiliated Center Directors

  • District Staff Trained by MCEE

  • Presenters arranged by MCEE

MCEE works with districts and teachers to:

  • Offer professional development that fits your schedule

  • Provide 1:1 teacher support

  • Enhance existing lessons

  • Support ongoing curriculum review

MCEE programs and curricula strive to be:

  • Inquiry-based

  • Integrated with Other Subject Areas

  • Culturally Relevant

  • Open to Multiple-Perspectives

  • Mindful of Design-Thinking

  • Guided by the Vision of Citizenship, College, and Career Readiness

  • User-Friendly

  • Relatable and Engaging

  • Grounded in Minnesota K-12 Standards

Sample Topics:

  • Using Children's Literature to Teach Economics

  • Mathematics & Economics

  • Economics is Everywhere

  • Sustainability & Economics

  • Relevant, Engaging, and Culturally Inclusive Personal Finance Lessons

  • Deep Dive in Economics & Personal finance