Minnesota Council on Economic Education

We Bring Economics to Life

The world is built on a foundation of economics and personal finance, but it's not always easy to understand. It's the difference between knowing something and living it.

We believe that the world is changed for the better when everyone has access to high-quality education in topics that make a difference in their life. For us, it starts with economics.

We help you connect the dots, understanding how economic and financial forces impact your daily life and how to navigate those forces for a more prosperous future.

We provide workshops, training, and resources to support teachers in delivering relevant and meaningful lessons in economics and personal finance in the classroom.
We offer opportunities for students to learn, grow, and challenge themselves with fun and engaging programs that apply their learning to the real world.
We connect local nonprofits in communities across Minnesota with the resources and knowledge needed to equip all Minnesotans to be financially knowledgeable.
We prepare all Minnesotans to be competitive in our global economy, offering the skills and resources needed to for our state to grow and succeed.
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