What exactly does MCEE do for pre-service workshops?

We'll work with the pre-service program and instructor to tailor a professional development workshop to the needs of the individual program and then deliver the program to students.

Additionally, we offer year-round professional development opportunities at our office on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota and at our affiliated centers for economic education throughout the state.

When can these workshops take place?

Our programs are designed around the needs (and schedules) of your pre-service students and program, so the better question is when works best for you?.

We're prepared to offer training:

  • During classes (day or evening)
  • On the weekend
  • During the school-year or in the summer
  • Online or in-person

Who delivers the training?

Our pre-service workshops are led by experienced educators with years of expertise and practice in teaching economics and personal finance.

Commonly, courses are taught by MCEE Master Teachers, MCEE-affiliated Center Directors, or by other presenters arranged by MCEE.

What are some sample topics for workshops?

  • How Do I Teach Economics?
Gain an understanding of economic principles, strategies, and techniques that will prepare you to confidently teach state economic standards in a way that relates to, and engages with, students.
  • Using Children's Literature to Teach Economics (Grades K-6)
Explore how economic standards can be addressed through integrated language arts lessons.
  • Mathematics & Economics (Grades 2-5)
Hands-on lessons integrating MN mathematics and economics benchmarks.
  • Economics is Everywhere (Grades 4-5, 7-8)
Curriculum integrating economics, history, and geography standards into engaging and interactive lessons.
  • Relevant, Engaging, and Culturally Inclusive Personal Finance Lessons (Grades 9-12)
Learn how to make personal finance more equitable and relatable to diverse learners in order to reach all students.
  • Deep Dive in Economics and Personal Finance (Grades 9-12)
Gain a deeper understanding of content and grow in confidence to deliver high-impact lessons that will resonate with students.

How can I learn more about these programs?

We'd love to talk with you about how MCEE can help your pre-service students grow and thrive!

Please email our office at with questions or call 612.625.3727.