Global Food Curriculum

The Global Food curriculum series is a set of 4 different curriculum units that focus on different issues in the global food system and is designed to be used alongside the competition program.

The four different curriculum units are:

Global Food Challenge

Please Note: There will be no Global Food Challenge for the 2023/24 school year.

The Global Food Challenge is a unique competition for high school students, providing an opportunity for students to engage in research about food issues around the world and address problems using their economic knowledge.

Students, individually or in teams, will perform research on a question or issue they are curious about in food trade, food markets, food safety, or food security. Using this research and their understanding of economics, students will communicate their conclusions in a paper that is entered to win cash prizes.

To help teach students about the economics of the food system, we offer a free companion curriculum series for teachers. The curriculum helps students understand the underlying economic concepts while introducing new applications for their knowledge and providing a framework for engaging in discussions about the global food system.  Learn More about the Global Food Challenge.