Frequently Asked Questions

Note: 2024 Registration is open through May 15, 2024

Application Questions

Why should your students attend College Dollars & Sense?

This program is a personal finance-based four-year & technical college readiness program for high school students - learn & understand how personal finances will affect your life after high school and in the workforce.

In this one-week virtual summer program, students are introduced to personal finance concepts, learn strategies for affording and saving for college, experience life on a major university campus, and interact with students, professors, and business leaders while developing the skills they need to succeed after high school.

College Dollars & Sense is a program that prepares students to think about, and plan responsibly for, their futures.

Who is eligible to attend College Dollars & Sense?

Any Minnesota student currently in grades 9-12 is eligible to apply for the program.  

Priority will be given those students who are first generation college students (meaning neither parent received a 4 year degree), students of color, students who are or children of parents/guardians who are immigrants &/or refugees, or students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. 

Past participants are not eligible.

What does it cost to attend College Dollars & Sense?

There is no cost to apply or attend College Dollars & Sense.

Students with full participation are eligible to receive a $100 stipend at the conclusion of the program.

What does "full participation" in College Dollars & Sense mean?

Full participation requires attending the virtual meetings (9:00M-12:00PM) and completing the required activities.

What do I need to do to apply?

When students apply, they will need to list the name and contact information for a teachers, guidance counselor, or administrator at their school who agrees to be a contact for the application. This adult will be included on any communication to the student and family to help ensure that students are receiving the information. 

We may also ask this adult to help accepted students confirm their participation in the program.

View the full printable application at:

Why do I need information from a teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator to apply?

In order to ensure the student receives all communications about the program and their application status, we require a teachers, school counselor (guidance, college/career, etc.), or administrator to be listed as a contact on the application itself. This person will be copied on all communication to the student and their family to help facilitate the application and acceptance process.

Homeschooled students may leave this section blank (or put NA in the online application).

How should I fill out the application?

Apply online or with a paper application.

If submitting a paper application, please use a pen and print clearly and legibly. 

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Click here to view the submission deadline.

Where should I send my completed paper application?

Completed paper applications can be scanned and emailed to or can be mailed to:

Minnesota Council on Economic Education

Attn: College Dollars & Sense Applications

1994 Buford Ave, Ruttan Hall 116

Saint Paul, MN 55108

When will I learn if I am accepted or not?

We will review your application once it is received by our office and will notify applicants of their application status by the end of May.

After a student is accepted, they will need to submit confirmation form that will be sent within their acceptance email.

Program Questions


Students will need access to technology (laptop, iPad, cell phone, etc.) to participate in this program; technology will not be provided.


Prior to the start of the program, students will be emailed the course website that includes the daily zoom links to join the virtual conference call, curriculum, agenda, and other materials.

Where does College Dollars & Sense take place?

The College Dollars & Sense program takes place via Zoom Meetings.

Will there be any homework?

Yes, plan for 1-2 hours of homework daily.  Homework must be completed to receive stipend.

What does a typical day at College Dollars & Sense look like?

A typical day will begin with a morning of lessons on personal finance taught by different engaging and experienced instructors, including both individual, hands-on activities and group exercises, and guest speakers from the local business community.