Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: There will be no Global Food Challenge for the 2023/24 school year.

General Questions

What is the Global Food Challenge?

The Global Food Challenge is a competition designed to encourage curiosity and problem-solving in high school students. Students will perform research and create a finished writing product based on materials they learn from the Global Food curriculum series.

What is the Global Food curriculum series?

The Global Food curriculum series is a set of 4 different curriculum units that focus on different issues in the global food system and is designed to be used alongside the competition program.

The four different curriculum units are:

You can request the FREE curriculum by clicking here.

If I want to use the curriculum, do I need to also do the competition?

No, you do not need to participate in the Global Food Challenge in order to receive the curriculum. The student competition is designed to engage students in the topics discussed in the curriculum, and so we hope that the program could help foster student interest in global food issues, but it's not required.

Who is eligible to compete? How many teams can I register?

All Minnesota teachers qualify for their students to enter the competition.

Teachers may submit no more than 2 student or team entries in each unit.

Competition Details

How does the Global Food Challenge work?

If you're interested in participating in the Global Food Challenge, you can request the free curriculum by clicking here.

Using the curriculum in the classroom, have students identify topics they would be interested in learning more about through research. Students will select a topic, complete a paper, and then submit their entry before the deadline using our online form.

The curriculum includes references to submitting worksheets and other materials; these are not necessary. Use the project rubric & the prompts listed in the FAQ to determine what needs to be submitted.

Prompts for Research Paper - New 2023!

Economics of Food Markets

Economics of World Food Trade

Economics of Food Security

Economics of Food Safety

What are the rules of the Global Food Challenge?

How much does it cost to participate?

All materials for, and submissions to, the Global Food Challenge are free to both students and teachers.

When is the competition?

Please Note: There will be no Global Food Challenge for the 2023/24 school year.

Submission Accepted: January 1 - April 30, 2023.  

How do I submit entries into the competition?

Entries should be submitted using the online formNote: Teachers will need to know student address for mailing the prize money if the student's paper wins in their category.  All submitted materials should meet the standards laid out in the submission rubric and rules.

The below forms are due after submission:

What happens if my student's project is selected?

For each unit, the top two students/teams and their teachers will receive cash prizes for their submissions.

Outstanding projects may be displayed on our website. See previous projects here.