Poster Contest

The contest gives grade K-8 students the opportunity to show their understanding of economics and personal finance concepts through creative expression. Students demonstrate understanding of economic and personal finance concepts through an illustration. Students are given a pre-selected list of concepts to illustrate, but otherwise have creative freedom to design an illustration that best represents concepts such as entrepreneurship, markets, trade, productivity, human capital, natural resources, and others.

The program engages students in grades K-8, and provides an opportunity for students to show their comprehension, practice creative thinking, and hone their non-written communication skills. Students are encouraged by the program to further their study of economics having seen how the field is more than rote memorization or dull classroom exercises; participating teachers are supported with guidance and connection to resources and curricula that can help teach students about the topics included in the competition.

2023 Competition Winners

Lucia S. |  Grade 2

Adams Spanish Immersion

Noah A. | Grade 2

Jackson Elementary

Evelyn J. | Grade 2

Eden Lake Elementary

Mahmud R. | Grade 3

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy

Emery K. |  Grade 3

Adrian Elementary

Ahmad R. | Grade 4

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy

Annabelle C. | Grade 5

Cherry School

Brooklyn A. | Grade 6

Cherry School

Molly L. |  Grade 7

Lionsgate Academy

Megan B. | Grade 7

Chaska Middle School East

Clara F. | Grade 8

Woodbury Middle School

Hannah K. | Grade 8

Woodbury Middle School

Rae M. | Grade 8

Woodbury Middle School

Past Poster Contest Winners


Maisie S.S. |  Grade 1

Meadowbrook Elementary

Megan U. | Grade 2

Jackson Elementary

Daphne Z. | Grade 3

Adrian Elementary

Joshua G-C. | Grade 3

Adrian Elementary

Aubry S.  |  Grade 3

Shirley Hills Primary

Faviola J. | Grade 4

Adams Spanish Immersion

Maya N. | Grade 5

Cherry School

Elizabeth G. | Grade 5

Cherry School

Hunter J. | Grade 6

Cherry School

Byrd L. | Grade 7

Northfield Middle School

Ethan M. | Grade 7

Northfield Middle School

Mayleigh H. | Grade 7

Northfield Middle School


Angelina G. |  Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Vivian M. |  Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Josie G. | North Woods School

Savannah A. | North Woods School

Tilly R. |  Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Bridget L. |  Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Zeek V. |  Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Tikka | North Woods School

Mattias W. | Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

Brady | North Woods School

Kaleb | North Woods School

River D. | North Woods School