Rockonomix Contest

2022 1st Place - Austin HS

Digital Love Daft Punk \ Zach L.

The Rockonomix contest gives grade 6-12 students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of economics and personal finance concepts through the creation of a song and music video, demonstrating their understanding of their chosen topic. Students are given a pre-selected list of concepts they may create a song and video about, but otherwise have creative freedom to write lyrics and make a video that best represents concepts such as barter, gross domestic product, factors of production, negative and positive externalities, and others.

The program engages students in grades 6-12, and provides an opportunity for students to show their comprehension, practice creative thinking and problem solving, and hone their communication skills. Students are encouraged by the program to further their study of economics by seeing how the field can be exciting and also by the additional research they perform to create a meaningful song about their topic. Participating teachers are supported with guidance and connection to resources and curricula that can help teach students about the topics included in the competition.

2022 Competition Winners

1st Place - Austin HS

Digital Love Daft Punk

Zach L.

2nd Place - Austin HS

Market Rockonomix

Cameron B. & Aidan P.

3rd Place - Austin HS

Business Best

Jackson B. & Matthew G.

Past Rockonomix Winners


1st Place - Austin High School | Just Saving & Investing | Alex G. & Manuel L.S.

2nd Place - Austin High School | Unemployment Funk | Siri A., William R., & Molly S.

3rd Place - Austin High School | Unemployment/Entrepreneurship | Mariah R.